Available regions

The Platform.sh Enterprise Cluster can be deployed on all regions of the following providers:

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Orange Flexible Engine
  • Interoute

For multi-AZ clusters, the region will need a minimum of three availability zones (or equivalent).

The development environment will be provisioned on one of the Platform.sh-specific regions:

  • Amazon Web Services Europe
  • Amazon Web Services US East
  • Amazon Web Services Australia
  • Azure Germany
  • Orange France

The product offering is the same on all regions and on all infrastructure hosts.

Sovereign Hosting

Sovereign Hosting is available in Germany (on Azure), France (on Orange) and Switzerland (on Interoute). Speak to your sales representative for more information on Sovereign Hosting.

Data Center Locations

Please contact our sales department to know the availability of the different datacenters.

The large rocketship icons in the map below are approximate datacenter locations where we can host your application. The smaller dots represent additional edge servers for our managed CDN.

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