The Handoff call is usually about 2 weeks after Onboarding. The Enterprise Cluster has been provisioned and are waiting for you. The Handoff call is usually very short, but is a good opportunity to also ask the CSE if you have any other questions about the hosting for your project.

Your role

Once you have access to staging and production, merge your code to the staging and production branches and upload your database and application assets (uploaded files) from your development branch (master). The best way to verify that everything is configured properly on staging is to try it, and the sooner you try it the sooner any possible issues can be identified and resolved.

Once the code and site data have been copied over to the staging and production instances they should be accessible at the dev domains provided in the onboarding spreadsheet. You can access those directly to ensure the application is functioning as intended, although that will not include the CDN.

To test that the CDN is behaving as expected, speak to your CSE to configure a subdomain to point to the staging or production environment through the CDN as described on the Launch page. For instance, if your website is going to be www.example.com, but isn't launched on Platform.sh yet, configure preprod.example.com (or similar) as if it were the production domain pointing at the production environment. You can then use the developer tools in your browser, curl, or similar tools to verify that the site is being served and the CDN is behaving correctly. (Check the headers to see how the CDN is acting.)

Once the site is launched that extra testing domain should be removed. Let us know when you would like it disabled.

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