Backups & snapshots takes a byte-for-byte snapshot of production environments every six (6) hours that is retained for two (2) weeks. These are only used in cases of catastrophic failure and can only be restored by A ticket must be opened by the customer to request a restoration.

The restoration process may take a few hours, depending on the infrastructure provider in use. In the ticket, specify if you want backups of files, MySQL, or both. Uploaded files will be placed in an SSH-accessible directory on the Enterprise Cluster. MySQL will be provided as a MySQL dump file on the server. You may restore these to your site at your leisure. (We will not proactively overwrite your production site with a backup; you are responsible for determining a "safe" time to restore the backup, or for selectively restoring individual files if desired.)

Customers are welcome to make their own backups using standard tools (mysqldump, rsync, etc.) at their own leisure.

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