Usage and overages


Each Enterprise cluster come with:

  • 100GB application cache per month
  • 1TB static assets cache per month

Extra bandwidth will be billed monthly based on the GB price specified in the contract.


A base storage size is defined in the contract. Any storage upsize is permanent and will be billed yearly. If contracted in the middle of the term, will prorate the price for the remainder of the term.

High-IOPS upsize

Clusters can be upsized to use faster storage if appropriate. If your contract does not contain this option please contact your sales representative.

Instance upsize

Instances can be upsized to accommodate more traffic or to provide more resources to the processes. Upsizes are deployed for a week at minimum and are billed at the end of the month.

The contract specifies if our team is allowed to upsize a cluster on the customer’s behalf and the maximum size it can be upscaled to.

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